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  • 30 Minutes- $40

  • 60 Minutes- $75

  • 90 Minutes- $105

Therapeutic Massage

With a basis in Swedish Massage, therapeutic massage uses a variety of techniques, to achieve your goals.  Some of the techniques used are described below:

Trigger Point Release- a very tight spot in the muscle (knot) that when pushed upon sends pain or sensation to another area of the body. Releasing trigger points helps restore balance to tissue, relieve pain, and restore normal range of motion.

Connective Tissue Release- releases adhesions in the fascia for pain relief, restoring tissue balance, improving posture and range of motion.

Assisted Stretching- Client relaxes and muscles are gently stretched to lengthen shortened muscles, reduce pain, and increase flexibility and range of motion.  Can help clients move easier with less pain.

Deep Tissue- Using deep pressure to target deeper layers of muscle and fascia.

Heat Therapy- the application of heat to part of the body, in the form of hot hydro (clay) packs, hot stones, or other heating packs.  Reduces pain, relieves joint stiffness, increases blood flow, carrying oxygen and nutrients in to tissue and removing waste products.

Cryo (cold) Therapy- the application of ice or cold compress to part of the body.relieve soreness, reduce inflamation, relieve muscle spasms